Eye Contact and Pressure: Applying Leash training for Dog owners in Kansas City

Midwest Dog Training, in Kansas City and the surrounding Midwest, is a facility that practices some tried and true techniques for improving dog’s behavior. Few training areas are as tricky as leashing, a process that will require a lot of patience and time. Fortunately, the team works to help dogs in the facility so they can carry their behavioral improvements home. Leashing will require some logical allocation of treats, some eye contact, and a little leash pressure where appropriate.

Eye Contact and Leashing

Eye contact is a really valuable part of leash training because it shows attention. It displays a connection between the dog and its owner. It is a team effort, and not a battle to get around the block. Dog owners can award eye contact with a small treat during the walk, but not prior or after. The treats should be provided conservatively and this can be helped by having a command. If the dog responds to the command with eye contact, it earns a treat. Now, if a dog owner walks their dog and calls out a command, such as a dog’s name, the dog may stop to attention and look at its owner.

Pressure and Pulling

Pressure and pulling is a big enough topic to warrant its own breakdown. The basic idea is that pulling is bad. A dog owner should not oblige pulling by going forward and offering slack. Owners should stick their ground. It won’t be easy, but it is a valuable component of proper leash training. Light pressure can be applied to the leash. If the dog responds by relaxing the leash, the dog can be rewarded. It is a constant process that will take a while to develop as natural and streamlined behavior.

Dog owners can see these techniques, and many more, applied at Midwest Dog Training. The team stresses in-house techniques that can be carried to the home. Every team member gives their heart and soul to help dogs improve their behavior and make the lives of the owners a lot more comfortable. No dog is beyond care and comfort and every single one deserves a chance to show how incredible they really are.